In The Mercy Of Humanity!

The human brain is an unsolved mystery in itself.  People might think that brain and everything else can be explained through scientific reasons and other manipulations. Unfortunately or fortunately, the complexity of brain is a mystery and the physiology of brain is never determined on a definite basis. People might think that science has the answers to all our questions. God is just a word that arises when people are confused about something and they do not get the convert of something. Every small detail matters!

In this fast running worlds, parent are running be find place in the society for their family, the money and the security that comes with the money. Kids are sent to schools to secure their future and male sure they have a place in the world when they are older. But, in long run of making sure ego. Have a place in the world for us, we are forging the basic concepts.  We are developing our business and they are growing steadily. As the world grew up, Internet marketing became famous. People started to trade in instagram marketing UAE and other similar websites and online sites.

It’s just plain stupid because what we do is not really what our brain likes. People named psychologists are just researching on the behaviour of the people and other things. They use this information to manipulate people and grow up their own businesses. This is called business strategy but is it the right thing to do? It is hard to understand that fact that stealing is stealing irrespective of the story. For example, a person who had been employed by you had stolen a considerable amount of money by keeping you blind sighted about the money. Similarly, when someone else is making the same mistake, it is also known as a civil crime. The business are making use of psychology and other similar aspects to make people buy things which is not even useful or give of any kind of profit to them.

People are just cheating one another. But aren’t we all Homo sapiens and we should make sure that we all live together as one big family? What happened to humanity? It is high time we start checking our paths and working in favours of each other. It is funny because all animals live together and live to protect each other. Of one of them is in trouble then all of them fights and saves them. After all we have so much to learn from nature and the most important lesson is caring for each other. It is not just words that will matter. It is lot more than words. It is the actions that will prove anyone’s intention.