Looking Toward Google

In the world of SEO a new Google update is always major. Even small tweaks to their algorithm can cause quite a commotion. The release of updates like Panda and Penguin shook up the entire way SEO was done, costing some sites dearly and heralding the success of others. That’s why everyone is anxiously waiting to see what Google will do next. The next update is apparently coming soon. Currently known as Google Zebra, this change will supposedly carry on the tradition of shake-ups. Everyone is trying to figure out what to do to prepare for this. Here is what is known about this update and what you should consider doing to prepare for this new change.

The new update has been a while coming. There have been rumors of a new update for most of 2013. Right now it looks like the update is related to Google’s push for their new Google Wallet tool. They are also phasing out the Google Checkout tool in November. It all looks like a shift in the way Google is approaching e-commerce, the perfect time for them to shake up how they rank these sites. This is all speculation at this point, so take everything you hear with a grain of salt. We know it’s coming, but we can’t be sure when.

One thing that seems clear is that the new update will target online merchants. Their whole e-commerce approach is changing this year, after all. Previous updates focused on similar issues, with article directories being one type of website hit especially hard. If you’ve been involved in SEO for a while you probably remember the reaction when previous industry giants plummeted ranking-wise almost overnight. It looks like the same thing might happen to internet merchants who don’t do business the way Google is looking for.

One of the best things you can do is review Google’s various guidelines that have been created to show what Google wants in a site. Make sure you are doing your best to avoid SEO techniques that Google frowns on. If you have an online merchant site you want to get it into Google’s Trusted Stores program. The program’s page outlines everything Google is looking for in a quality merchant site. This includes being able to register and login, a way to track orders, and a shopping cart that’s on the same site as the actual shopping. If you find yourself worrying about this update review Google’s official material and try to comply with their wishes. The better your site fits their ideal the less you have to worry about.

It’s important to remember that while the specifics of Google’s engine are shrouded in secrecy their intentions are not. They have said over and over again that their goal is to promote high quality content that searchers want. Their goal is always to help the people using their engine to look for relevant websites. If you run a website you need to share a similar goal if you want to succeed on Google. Stick to respectable SEO company in Bangkok and provide the sort of information and services that people want and you’ll be in a good position. If you are a merchant provide as many services as possible to make buying from your site a simple and trustworthy process. That’s really what Google is looking for, since that’s what the average Google user is looking for. Keep your SEO white hat and your content focused on a positive user experience and you shouldn’t have to worry about any Google update.